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Twelve Tribes - As Feathers To Flowers And Petals To Wings

Eulogy, 1999, CD, Vinyl

For a while when I got this at the time it was released I thought it might take over the whole edifice of modern cultural expression. I really liked it basically. It was at a time when mailorder distros were still on the go as well and so records were cheap if you were into this kind of thing. You could got o HMV and buy some bad record for £15 or get something like this for £5 on a distro. Then all that shit stopped.So what is this record all about? Well its this melodic, metallic metalcore sound with one guy screaming and another speaking or singing. They did it better than most at the time and back then it was just them and Poison The Well and a few others.

It was before the rain of shitty bands trying to copy this style or steal it for their filthy mainstream purposes; before these bastards realised this shit killed any of the bands they had been listening to for the last 5 years and the best they could do was make a lame copy of some of the aspects of it and use it in their dirty popular rock bands, and so they could make money and fuck some band whores, without ever knowing anything about missing a meal or walking back home for 5 miles at 3am after being awake for 47 hours.

Basically it's a good record for fans of heavy music that incorporates texture and tone with melody. Listening it now I still think its pretty good and its an enjoyable listen, not dull at all and very creative and expansive for its time.

Reviewed by indigo on 29-11-2011

Keywords : emocore screamo metalcore post-hardcore 90s chaotic hardcore avant-garde

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