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Buried Alive - Death To Your Perfect World

Victory, 1999, Cd, Vinyl, Brown Marble Vinyl

Once after my exams at college there was some discussion about what everyone was doing in the 3 weeks that we had before the end of the term. Most folks were getting drunk or going scuba diving in the red sea or some other fancy shit. All I had on the calendar in my room was "BRUTAL VEGAN DEATHCORE" written in for 1 night. The band coming to town was Buried Alive. Everyone else who I knew thought it was funny, like some out-there shit, some kind of madness while they all got pissed on cheap booze, but to me it was an obvious thing to go and see.
Of course it ruled.
What is there to say about the CD? It has a good, rich sound, no tinny trebly  nonsense. The vocalist sounds deeper than most, it's not so much prophetic screams of doom or squeeling, but deep and hoarse, dog like commands being barked out. The whole thing sounds brutal, much more than most records.
There is no messing about or experimentation. It's straight forward thug/mosh/metalcore for fans of hard, heavy bands and for people who don't go scuba diving at the end of term.

Reviewed by indigo on 29-11-2011

Keywords : deathcore metalcore thugcore straight-edge vegan

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