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Speak 714 - Knee Deep In Guilt

Revelation, 1998, CD, Vinyl

Revelation started to put out some avant-garde shit in the 90s but they got back to regular ways with releases such as this that build on late 80s West-coast hardcore. Ex-members of Ignite and No For An Answer combine to produce 21 minutes and 10 songs of blazing, rocking hardcore and melodic punk.

The songs are well-written anthems calling the kids to arms with solid, mature lyrics and a good guitar sound. They are not young kids and so they had time to figure things about a bit more. There is an appreciation of dynamics and how to assemble the different parts - it's not this new, dull, nihlistic, rock and roll kind of hardcore that came in after the millenium. The riffs have melody and don't follow some atonal pattern of destruction. It's not too different from a band such as Ignite and fans of mainstream punk bands from the west-coast such as The Offspring and Pennywise will enjoy this.Of course this is 13 years later now. Hard to think how fast the time has passed and how many lame bands have pervaded this whole genre with nothing to say.

If you wanted to hear some good quality rocking west-coast hardcore that has more of an edge than some more mainstream bands of that time, then this is worth checking out
. If you are sick of this new type of fast, atonal rock and roll hardcore of the last decade or so, then this is also worth checking out.

Reviewed by indigo on 29-11-2011

Keywords : old school hardcore west coast hardcore

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