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Shai Hulud - Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion

Crisis, 1997, CD, Vinyl, Limited Picture Disc

Sometimes I get sick of these bands singing this self-righteous serious stuff. All these demarcations made by thought activity. Right and wrong, good and bad, this and that. You could end up insane. Like it all matters so much. I know I loved that shit though back then, it felt like it reinforced me and gave me some identity when everyone else was shallow and full of shit. Now though I think maybe it's ok just to have a good time and not get so caught up in figuring out all these ideals when you are 18 or so. Fucking drink, who cares. I want a drink now. I'm not specifically referring to Shai Hulud with any of this, or this record, it's just that it made me think when I listened to it. The record itself is pretty great. Florida metallic hardcore from the 90s with some melodies thrown in. Well written, good sound, good lead riffs, good vocals. For fans of any of that style before it became saturated and full of shitty bands screaming about nothing.


Reviewed by indigo on 28-11-2011

Keywords : metalcore screamo florida hardcore

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