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Sick Of It All - Built To Last

EastWest, 1998, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Blue Vinyl

When I was into nu-metal I once tried to get into some other type of metal or punk. I tried to jump ship from that circus. So I got this Suicidal Tendencies record because Metal Hammer said it was good, but I didn't like it. I tried to force myself to like it but it wasn't possible. It was too old and I didn't get it. Now it might be different, but then I was used to well-produced big sounding shit. So I swapped it for this Sick Of It All record. I didn't like this much either. I Just didn't understand it. I couldn't figure out if it was metal or what - it didn't sound like all the other bands I was into on Roadrunner. I couldn't tell if it was punk, or at least this American punk I had been getting used to with Green Day and Offspring, Pennywise and all that stuff. It sounded heavy which was a start, but I wasn't used to the rhythms and the pounding slugfest of a sound that it was. Like a real hard sound made by strong men. I used to listen to track 9 "Busted" a lot because that was the only thing I seemed to get. Eventually I just kept on listening to the rest of it and got into it the whole thing. It's classic Sick Of It All really with a decent production compared to earlier records and harder songs than some of their later stuff. By the 5th song you know already it is a classic in NYHC once you have got your head right. Oh yeah, and there is some blue vinyl version you can get on Equal Vision.

Reviewed by indigo on 28-11-2011

Keywords : hardcore nyhc

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