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Miles Away - Consequences

Bridge Nine, 2006, CD, Red vinyl

This is another good straight forward no messing about hardcore record. If you wanted to check out a record that had a good sound with no frills and not overly metallic or stylised then this would be it. Bridge Nine releases a lot of these solid hardcore, old school sounding records. The lyrics are about the usual subjects that this kind of band sings about - being backstabbed, staying true, all that stuff. The vocals are shouted so you can hear the lyrics as well. Of course none of it is original or adds anything new to the style, but that's not the point. There needs to be a record like this every year just to make sure some kids don't take a wrong turn and start listening to cock rock. The whole thing reminds me of Comeback Kid right from the artwork on the front to the music. That's a good thing - there are a lot worse bands it could remind me of. If a band like this ever plays in your town you should go and see it just to see what this movement is all about.

Reviewed by indigo on 27-11-2011

Keywords : old school hardcore bridge nine 88 hardcore

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