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Will Haven - s/t

Revelation, 1996, CD

I can remember when we were fresh to this whole business back in the 90s and these guys were playing with The Deftones in Newcastle. We were all into nu-metal and bands like the Deftones back then and didn't really know anything. We got to the venue and some guys were there we knew a bit who said they were only staying for Will Haven. To us this was like "what?", we couldn't believe this, we didn't understand it. By then they had just realised their first full length, El Diablo, but the tracks on this self-titled EP were just as good, less refined perhaps. It was released originally on a label called Landspeed records and then re-released by Revelation at some point.
Inside the venue it was obvious this band was monolithic. Singer Grady Avenell exorcising demons while the juggernaut of noise and loud/quiet riffage destroyed everyone. We loved it how he seemed to be dressed "normal", like no silly costume or makeup, or whatever shit was going down on the nu-metal clown scene back then. Every song was devastating and like some infernal hell machine being brought out to scare peasants.
The Deftones were still pretty good that night and even now I can put on one of their records and not laugh or cry like I would with a lot of bands from that era.
Oh yeah and Chino flipped us the bird just for respect as he left in a car as we waited out the back of the venue. We still talk about that to this day. Only he could have pulled that off.

Reviewed by indigo on 17-11-2011

Keywords : noisecore holy terror post-metal sludge metal

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