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Until The End - s/t

Equal Vision, 2000, CD, 7" Vinyl

Brutal thugcore.

13 minutes of really metallic, heavy and nasty sounding hardcore with great beatdowns.

Sounds like they are pissed off with someone in every track - "Put the trigger down your throat and pull the fucking trigger" is how the first song ends. Loads of these east coast bands have betrayal as a theme in a lot of the lyrics. For fans of Hatebreed, and all that kind of stuff.

Metalcore has spawned so many bands now that someone could go nuts just trying to figure out what all the styles and bands are about. Until The End don't play this technical, death-metal influenced thing that has become popular with lots of lead riffs, quite fast and technical. What they play is more straight-forward, but not fast old school, type heavy hardcore that became popular through mainly east-coast bands from the 90s onwards. Maybe "thugcore" applies here, and this is one of the better examples because the record has been well-produced to give a rich, thick, brutal sound.

Reviewed by indigo on 27-11-2011

Keywords : straight-edge thugcore metalcore john wylie equal vision

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