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In Flames - Reroute To Remain

Nuclear Blast, 2002, CD, Digipack, Regular Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl

This is their 7th studio album. There is the sub-heading of "14 songs of conscious insanity". But really it's not insane at all - not after you have dug around in this scene for a while. Maybe to some young kid who has been listening Justin Bieber and thinks this is just noise and horror simply because they never heard the radio show we did where we played Nasum and Nile both at the same time for half an hour on FM frequency.
Anyway, you can tell it's a sound that has been developed a lot into this spectacular Euro metal extravaganza but I never followed this band before and so I don't know much about their other records. There are some nice metallic lead riffs, the usual death metal rhythms, double-bass drumming and a large amount of classic melody and harmony. There are choruses with clean vocals which I'm not that into and also keyboards added to the mix on some tracks. It all sounds very European to me, I'm not that into the vocals but I could come back to it because the guitars and the rhythms are pretty good. 51 minutes aswell, and so you get some value rather than a lot of bands in these genres which are releasing 20 minutes of music on an album and it's the same price as this.

Reviewed by indigo on 27-11-2011

Keywords : death metal alternative metal

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