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Between The Buried And Me - Colors

Victory, 2007, CD, Vinyl ( Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Clear )

For a while I found this hard going to listen to. Really it's best to listen the whole thing in one go.

They developed this technical death-prog metal experimental style to quite something on this, their 5th full length. It's almost become like some rock opera in each song as there are so many riffs and parts. There are still the interludes of melodic singing, quieter parts, but these seem to be more inline with each other and not from as many different genres as before. They do occasionally throw in some piece from some strange genre and sometimes it feels unnnecessary and pretentious even. There are also fewer beatdowns or brutal, coarse elements from death metal and hardcore - like they moved on to a more refined death metal / prog rock fusion.

What is striking though is that it all fits together in some spellbinding way that other bands can only dream of. The way some tracks lead into others... the way the parts fit together... the way they synthesize the whole thing to work as one long composition... it's as good as any band in the whole business.

Reviewed by indigo on 27-11-2011

Keywords : grind metal math metal death metal 90s chaotic hardcore emocore alternative metal experimental metal

This record rated by users : 2.545 ( out of 5 ) from 22 votes.