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Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls

Revelation, 1986, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, White Vinyl

So this is some classic old school straight-edge hardcore that helped spawn a thousand other bands. It's Revelation Records number 8. The sound is pretty good considering when it was recorded. It's worth checking out to see how punk rock and hardcore got going in the 80s. The songs are mostly fast as hell with some breakdowns and slower parts. It's more developed than say Minor Threat and Bad Brains but still raw enough to capture the energy. I don't like some of the vocals that much as Ray Cappo sounds too deranged even for this, I guess that was the point though. I mean imagine... USA in the 80s - Reagan and all that.

Reviewed by indigo on 26-11-2011

Keywords : old school hardcore revelation krisnacore ray cappo straight-edge 88 hardcore

This record rated by users : 4.652 ( out of 5 ) from 23 votes.