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Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God

Deathwish, 2008, CD Digipack, Blue Vinyl

So with their last Record, "The Beat Goes On", Blacklisted delivered some fast, brutal, no messing about hardcore, similar to bands such as American Nightmare. They carry on with that here but also add some grungey sounds to the job which was a surprise to me.
The sound is there that they captured on their last record... the drums that sound like a water melon being thrown off a cliff by a savage on every beat, the guitar with the right amount of gain, distortion and whatever other shit makes it sound good. Vocals of course screamed sickeningly without regard for any public decency. So there is all that going on that they do better than a lot of these nihilistic, pummeling hardcore bands.
The thing is though they throw in a lot of grungey sounding bits on this record. There were bits on the last record with the vocal style on the 2nd to last track, but here there is a lot more of that. It's like this down and out wailing sound that all those grunge bands knew how to do, like they were on some horrific drug comedown and were not capable of working a proper job ever again. Also there are the grooves and the bluesy riffs that accompany that. It's like they have these sections  now instead of regular beatdowns. Maybe it will catch on. Last time all these grunge bands came about in response to everyone being sick of cock-rock, like a dirty rain to wash away all the egos and the excesses. It could happen again since a lot of hardcore went to shit and became more like cock rock. I can see it.

Reviewed by indigo on 26-11-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore grunge

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