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Benumb - Soul Of The Martyr

Relapse, 1998, CD, Vinyl

This is the kind of thing that would help a person get into grindcore and stay into it.
They have a savage and brutal sound that sounds raw as hell but not shambolic and under-produced. The guitar is crusty and fat, not at all tinny and with too much treble as you can sometimes find on some metal records. There is good sounding bass in the mix and so it's rounded off well, again not tinny sounding. The vocals are like a blast furnace opening and closing rapidly. Each song is a furious short-lived affair with start stop volcanic blasts with some more regular hardcore sounding bits and also sludge breakdowns. One song half way through is pretty long and full of crusty doom and sludge. Then they are back to withering the listener with the usual cacophony of blast beats.
What is particular good here is that you get a load of their 7" tracks banged on the end PLUS their set when they played the 1997 Fiesta Grande fest which is basically 8 live tracks. So it's good value as sometimes these records are way too short and yet still sell for full price.

Reviewed by indigo on 26-11-2011

Keywords : grind death metal doom crust

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