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The Rapture - Mirror

Gravity, 1999, CD, Vinyl

This was before the Rapture got shit. The whole thing is genius. The songs, the mood, the tone, the vocals. I don't know what happened with this band after that.You could just listen Olio on repeat and go wandering round the dark roads looking at the Autumn Sky in cosmic consciousness with your mind still intact. When I was totally sick of everything I would go to these indie nights and there would be these new songs of theirs getting played and everyone going nuts ( well as nuts as they would do at an indie night ). But it was dreadful. This over-produced disco rock bollox.It drove me out of the city.

Reviewed by indigo on 25-11-2011

Keywords : alternative rock gravity

This record rated by users : 1.315 ( out of 5 ) from 19 votes.