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As Friends Rust - A Young Trophy Band In The Parlance Of Our Times

Equal Vision, 2002, CD, Vinyl

To me this sounds like the end of a band. Like when there is more time spent looking back than forward. Makes me sad. The title becomes ironic. They made some great records though and played some great shows.They took their style further here, with more melody, less punk/metal sounding and sung/rapping vocal style. The song themes regard the modern American mess, personally and collectively. Really they nailed this and could speak for a whole generation here and soundtrack it.My favourite though is the last song that deals with the days when things were simpler when you have the buzz and not the knowledge. I can tell this guy has lived a life, I don't know how old he is, but I can just tell with some people that they had it and in about 10 years they lived more than some folks did in 5 lifetimes.

Reviewed by indigo on 25-11-2011

Keywords : hardcore punk rock damien moyal equal vision florida hardcore alternative rock

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