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Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead

Equal Vision, 2005, CD, Vinyl

I can almost cope with this. I am almost not sickened enough to listen to this and enjoy some of it. Please do not tell me that it has anything to do with "emo" though. Just because there is melody and some non-power chords used at times and the singer sounds emotional does not mean it has anything to do with "emo" - as the style was traditionally known before it was taken into some kind of mainstream understanding and used to describe anything with a guitar playing minor key melodies.It probably helps to be young and into girls and broken hearts to fully appreciate this. It's not stuck-in-the-pit-of-hell type music or change the world type stuff though. They play better than most bands in this style... the songs are well-written, production decent, variation in tonality and melody, etc. For fans of Thursday, Jimmy Eat World etc. If I was at college it would probably help me feel more alive to listen to this and start dreaming of romantic attachments and the stary stars on an Autumn night and all that jazz that helps keep a person sane.

Reviewed by indigo on 25-11-2011

Keywords : pop punk equal vision

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