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Antioch Arrow - In Love With Jetts

Gravity, 1993, CD, Vinyl

This would be good if it had been recorded differently. Maybe that is the point. Maybe I don't get it. The whole thing is too quiet and shambolic sounding. Like some kind of calamity dragging itself along on some pilgrimage. Several other bands on Gravity played this kind of very dischordant, chaotic, loud-quiet hardcore with weird tempos around the mid 90s that helped developed this San Diego sound. The Locust and all these other unexplainable curiosities developed from this I believe.
It gets good the more you listen to it because you get used to the shambolic off-the-wall sound and start to appreciate it. You have to be well though... a man coming down with a fever could really go off the deep end with this on. Most folks will just not persevere with it and go and listen to some other records that are more accessible. I think seeing such a thing live might be the first step.

Reviewed by indigo on 25-11-2011

Keywords : san diego hardcore noisecore post-hardcore gravity

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