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Catharsis - Passion

Crimethinc, 1999, CD, Vinyl, Cassette

When Jesus went into the desert for 40 days to be tempted by Satan, on the 23rd day he put on a Catharsis record. The whole thing has that feel to it... like it was the soundtrack to some near death experience or profound event in human history. "Holy Terror" to me was the sound that reached the level where some new apocalyptic energy was expressed around the turn of the millenium. The bands that managed to capture this totally blew away the stuff that had come before it, making them look like some dull pop music. Ostensibly a lot of punk rock was.
By the time we are into the second track "Obsession", it is clear that there is going to be no messing about here. They manage to capture the fury and energy that can get lost in a lot of records as the production does not make the whole job sound overproduced or cliched in any away. The rawness and spirit comes through at all times. The vocalist sounds like he is screaming for the victims of a 1000 centuries and where most bands would play the same note 4 times in a bar, the guitarists play it 8 times more than that in sync with the double base drumming.
It's not all maelstrom and chaos though, there are quieter sections where the vocalist delivers some spoken pieces as if describing some prophetic event and the guitars play some lead riffs. There is even a dub/reggae sounding track-which is unusual but not totally unheard of for this type of band-before the apocalyptic closer "Sabbat".

This is the soundtrack to the end of the present age.

Reviewed by indigo on 24-11-2011

Keywords : holy terror metalcore metal punk rock hardcore dub straight-edge vegan crimethinc

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