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Burning Heart, 1999, CD

This is an EP by a Swedish band that is not so well known. They have an old school hardcore sound but with touches of melody and melancholy that have some references to label mates No Fun At All and Millencollin. The last song is the standout - a rousing series of verses with soaring chord progression that breaksdown into a long melodic section. It adds to the whole genre, just this one track.
I have to say though that the vocals are some of my favourite of all time. The guy manages to scream like he totally means it, like he is completely sickened and brutalised by the whole of western civilisation. Every word sounds like it could be his last. Nobody screamed like this back then... it was either folks shouting, roughnecks bellowing and chest beating or beastlike noises from nerds in makeup. This guy kills it all.
I would be interested to know about the live show. I can imagine it would be fists in the air, guitars swinging, bodies flying etc... people going home bruised and withered but ecstatic.

Reviewed by indigo on 24-11-2011

Keywords : old school hardcore punk rock burning heart

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