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From Autumn To Ashes - Too Bad You Are Beautiful

Ferret, 2001, CD, Vinyl

On one hand this could really make you sick and you might not like it if you are some cynical fuck. But if you are the right age and heartbroken and melancholic then you could just sit and listen Chloroform Perfume on repeat for a few hours knowing that someone else on another continent has felt like you at some point. The songs here have heaviness and emotion and tell real stories. It helped spawn about 100 other bands making terrible, formulaic, contrived heavy music. But what difference does it make now as at the time it was good.Really without music what the hell would a heartbroken kid do? Sports? Chess? Maths? Dungeons and Dragons? Crack? You could really go off the rails and become someone else without these kind of bands when you were at school or college. Of course not everyone wants to hear this kind of thing - it's the sound of struggling in a world of shit and some kids just want to listen to some happy pop music and pretend it's all ok. Maybe that's best, it's your call.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-11-2011

Keywords : emocore screamo metalcore ferret

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