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Abacinate / God-rot - split

Epitomite, 2007, CD

You wake up with one bucket to piss in and another to be sick in. It's been a rough night with chronic auditory hallucinations. You know times are not great. So you put the Abacinate/God Rot split on and things get better for a while as the grind-infused death metal hits your senses. You don't make a link between what you listen to and your health. Really you don't care and you are beyond being able to change what you listen to by now. There is no going back to those Weezer records. The vocals remind you that some people have had it worse. The musicianship makes you wonder if you could ever play in a band like this how ever many years you practiced your instrument and whatever positive changes in health occur. The breakdowns have you swinging a few windmills with one arm while still in bed but then realising that you need to puke again as the vocalist growls out another "chorus". You decide to stagger to the bathroom but leave the CD playing and so you can shit while you listen. It's not a good idea and you end up taking a fall while not being able to hold the shit in. The horror of it all. Fortunately(?) you have a panic alarm that you are able to reach as you collapse in a heap wildly hallucinating and seeing visions of hell. As you crawl back to your room the nurse comes in to see a withered body and a trail of shit from the bathroom while the God-Rot part of the CD blasts out.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-11-2011

Keywords : death metal deathcore epitomite

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