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Bread And Circuits - s/t

Ebullition, 1999, CD, Vinyl

This is another decent post-hardcore record from 1999.

What does it even mean "post-hardcore"? Well it means there is more experimenting. More non-power chords, more interesting riffs and ways of playing. Less precision and attention to song structures and conventions that by the 90s had become quite entrenched in regular hardcore.

Infact it was as necessary as any "post" thing because hardcore became very rigid and blue-printed and repeated.

Really we are still talking rock and roll for all this stuff. Some form of that. Some combination of rock and punk and heavy metal. Some edge to it where shit might go off in the live venue rather than some hippy 70s bollox with everyone drugged like robots waiting for punk to smash the fuck out of everything.

So this brings to mind other bands from around that time... the Gravity bands, Drive Like Jehu, All Chrome from Canada, Shutdown (UK) plus some German bands. Really there were quite a few labels and bands playing this kind of thing if you went off the beaten track and not just reading the mainstream magazines and going to the regular rock venues.

It has its moments... melody and ways of doing things that stand out and make you remember it and want to listen again. Maybe it will not blow you away but it will give you a good taste of this kind of thing back in the 90s.

Reviewed by indigo on 11-01-2014

Keywords : post-hardcore

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