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Shai Hulud - A Profound Hatred Of Man

Revelation, 2006, CD, Picture Disc Vinyl

This is a re-issue of the original 3 track 7" from 1997 with tracks from the split with Indecision plus some covers plus some other tracks that I'm not really sure about.

It's some of their best stuff in my opinion. Some of the best metalcore from the late 99s/early 00s with melody. Really quite heavy and impassioned. Quite unique although some similarity to other bands.

There are covers of The Bad Brains, Negative Approach, NoFX, Bad Religion and Metallica which are all worth hearing.

Furthermore you have Aaron Beddard, the vocalist from Bane who is part of the backing vocal crew and also says a few lines on the last track "Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens".

The picture disc goes for less than £10 and really you are going to be doing well to get a better collection of heavy hardcore/metalcore than that on picture disc.

Reviewed by indigo on 11-01-2014

Keywords : metalcore florida hardcore aaron beddard

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