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Ed Gein - Bad Luck

Black Market Activites, Good Fight Music, 2011, CD, Vinyl

This is another recent record from a US band where it has that sound of Swedish band Entombed from the 90s. Probably so many At The Gates/In Flames inspired acts led to this because that was getting boring. There are so many good Swedish bands though over the years... Refused, Raised Fist, Section 8, Skitsystem, No Fun At All, Satanic Surfers, Millencollin etc.

So really it's not that different from something like Black Breath. This kind of relentless pummelling and battering sound. Breakdowns, mosh riffs, brutal riffs, brutal everything. Like a rampage. Like a load of barrels rolling down a hill all smashing the fuck out of each other. So much more intense and heavier than regular hardcore.

So funny in the inlay there are the lyrics and then the explanations. Stuff like "frustration at work" or "Graham had a moth collection as a kid - weirdo".

Reviewed by indigo on 09-01-2014

Keywords : hardcore death metal Entombed-core

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