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As I Lay Dying - Frail Words Collapse

Metal Blade, 2003, CD, Vinyl

This band seemed to have risen to the top of the Metalcore scene of the last 10 years. This album is a good introduction to anyone who wants to get into this type of music or know what it is all about. The sound they have created has a lot of melody in it and an overall triumphant or euphoric feel. It differs somewhat from the type of metalcore that Hatebreed, Earth Crisis or Buried Alive and those kind of bands were throwing out at the time. Somehow this sound became what nu-metal was in the 90s.Opener 94 hours doesn't mess about and gets straight into what this band is all about... melodic death metal riffs played fast over double-bass drumming. The guitar sticks tight as hell to the drums and there is no bass in the mix hardly. Vocalist Tim delivers screams of salvation and desperation and then switches into more regular singing and at times spoken word. It's got that totally sickened and heart broken sound to the voice and doesn't ever sound too macho or wild and savage like a bunch of beasts being skinned alive. This helps a lot. Many folks often tell me how stupid the vocals sound on these death metal records and although it doesn't bother me so much I can understand that it helps a person relate to the music if the guy singing or screaming has not been driven so far over the edge that he sounds like some medieval creature chained up in some cage.
The rest of the record sticks to this formula and there are plenty of breakdowns and rousing choruses. A couple of the songs have clean guitar parts that build up into heavy distorted bits. It's not the most technical sounding in this genre and the production does a lot for the sound but it has spirit which is the most important thing. Overall it's a very enjoyable listen for any metal fan and probably great live.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-11-2011

Keywords : deathcore screamo metal blade

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