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Born Of Osiris - The Discovery

Sumerian, 2011, CD, Coloured Vinyl

This is quite a good modern death metal extravaganza. With these sorts of bands the technicality and production has just got better and they have also experimented a bit and so now there are other things they are throwing in there.

It's a real futuristic sound with eastern influences, cosmic influences and other ambient effects and passages along with other, unusual riffs and melodies.

The blueprint is like this Between The Buried And Me prog-death-metal with such technical riffs and song structures that if it had come out in the 90s it would have blown people's heads off.

The vocals occasionally get towards mall metalcore or something that resembles these other contrived bands but I can live with that because the compositions are so well put together and thoughtful. Most of the time they are just good death metal vocals with high and low parts.

It's a real cosmic opera. You can listen it several times and keep hearing different bits. It's almost jazz or classical in a sense.

I got it quite cheap on double marbled vinyl, like less than £10. Really too cheap for such quality.

Reviewed by indigo on 07-01-2014

Keywords : death metal alternative metal avant garde prog rock

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