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Twys - Dissecting and Recomposing Cripple Bastards

Trips Und Traume, 2012, Vinyl

This is an Italian producer/composer known as Twys remixing grind band The Cripple Bastards.

Normally I don't have time for this kind of thing but it's really quite good.

He creates a feeling of dark omnipotence and the unfolding of some kind of heinous manifestation.

It ebbs and flows and crackles and judders into position.

Occasionally some Italian guy speaks some words to add to the feeling.

Some people call this stuff "doom". I think this is what I keep reading about in Terroriser.

To me this is not doom. This is normality. I think some of these people are patsys and they hear shit like this and they think it's armageddon. "The end of the world". To me it's my natural state. To them it's a headfuck.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-01-2014

Keywords : dark ambient doom drone experimental noise

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