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Various Artists - Nagoya City Hardcore

Prank, 2010, CD, Vinyl

This is a comp of 5 bands from Japan. From Nagoya city.

The first band has a Japanese name and it\'s good old school punk.

Second band \"Reality Crisis\" has a similar sound but smoothers everything with white noise throughout. I\'m not sure if it rules or not.

\"Zilema\" play more speed metal or classic Motorhead type punk/metal.

\"D-Clone\" is really rousing raucous punk and probably the best and most emphatic on the disc.

\"Demolition\" is more of a brutal crustcore type sound. Quite a good crusty guitar and pummeling beats with screamed vocals.

It comes with a booklet with some info about the bands.

All the bands are quality. Worth checking out.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-01-2014

Keywords : old school punk old school hardcore

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