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Missbrukarna - Zooma In En Zombie

Skrammel, 2012, Vinyl

I started to really like old punk and hardcore and thrash. Scuzzy and lo-fi is ok. Anything just not the latest overcooked mall emo.

Particularly there are a lot of good bands over the years from Sweden, Italy and Japan in the punk/hardcore arena.

So this is a discography compilation by this 80s Swedish band Missbrukarna released in 2012 on Skrammel.

What we have is:

Tracks A1 to A4 are from the 1980 split 7" EP with Panik, recorded in 1980.
Track A5 is from the tape compilation "Sommar-Mix!" (1982), recorded live @ Forsa Studio in 1980.
Tracks A6 to A10 are from a rehearsal recording @ Forsa Studio, Summer 1981, previously unreleased.
Tracks A11 to A13 are from the 1983 "Really Fast Vol.1" compilation LP, recorded in 1983.
Tracks B1 to B17 are from the 1983 "Krigets Gentlemän" tape, recorded & mixed Summer 1983.
Tracks B18 to B20 recorded live in concert in 1987 @ Forsa Studio, previously unreleased.
Issued with gatefold cover and a printed insert with lyrics and liner notes.

Rehearsal recordings?! Random tracks off tape compilations?! Awesome.

But yeah it is quite lo-fi although some of the tracks are recorded as well as any other punk recording from back then.

Most of it is mid-paced but on the later tracks they really get going and you can hear antecedents to other Swedish bands that came later like No Fun At All and Satanic Surfers that I used to listen quite a bit in the 90s.

Quite a cool release for any fans of old punk.

Reviewed by indigo on 04-01-2014

Keywords : old school punk

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