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Wolves Like Us - Late Love

Prosthetic, 2011, CD, Vinyl, Clear Vinyl

This is quite a cool record. Sounds a bit like Baroness but also other things I can hear in there like alt-rock from the 90s or further back than that such as Husker Du.

It's not as rocking as Baroness and has more emphasis on creating a feeling or texture. There is a lot of melody in the guitar with these riffs and lead parts. Often there is a feeling that you might get of staring at the night sky and feeling ecstatic or passionate. You know, like a spiritual feeling that could uplift you and give you a feeling of wonder and mystery. Well, that is if you are not glued into the internet 24/7.

The vocals have that heavy and rich feel that Baroness has but also the Irish band Therapy? it reminds me of a bit. They work quite well because they are well done and quite high in the mix. Often these bands don't have such heavy vocals but Baroness made it work quite well and so do these guys.

Really a good alternative rock record from the last few years.

Reviewed by indigo on 04-01-2014

Keywords : alternative rock

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