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For Today - Ekklesia

Facedown, 2008, CD, Vinyl, Clear Vinyl

This is another death metal record. The most melodic of the 3 I have written about today.

It's got quite a modern sound in that when it first started I thought maybe it would be one of these screamo/metalcore bands where there are melodies and heavy riffs but it's more death metal.

They have melodies going all the way through with the lead guitar but there are also the heavy palm-muted riffs and breakdowns.

The main vocals are these like deep and brutal with some high ones also interchanging. Occasionally someone sings. I prefer it if there is just one style. Even if it was just falsetto singing.

I can't say I'm that into this, it seems quite light and airy sounding, but then I guess I just listened Murder Construct.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-01-2014

Keywords : death metal

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