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Murder Construct - s/t

Relapse, 2010, CD, Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl

This is more regular brutal death metal compared to Curse Of Samsara that I just reviewed.

Here it's very fast and brutal. All of the time.

There are no real melodies or hooks or any solos or any of that. It's just pummeling and slaying. No pretentions or modern bollox, just mayhem. The production of course is always improving and this helps because it does the brutal sound justice. For me some of this type of stuff needs good production, unlike punk or hardcore, where you might want it more raw and lo-fi - with this I like it well produced because it sounds more rich and devastating.

The vocals are quite deep and guttural but occasionally there is that classic way of having some other guy with higher pitched vocals shout some blasphemy over the top.

Relapse has a lot of these bands and this is another good release.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-01-2014

Keywords : death metal

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