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Haemophagus - Slaves To The Necromancer

Despise The Sun, 2009, CD, Vinyl

This is a pretty good record from this Italian 3 piece that I just got hold of from 2009.

I heard it described as "grindcore" or "death metal" and while it has influences, it's not strictly either of those styles. Grindcore normally has blastbeats and insane fast parts whereas here that is not the case apart from on the last track.

So this is quite a handful with an overall very brutal, raw but quite well-produced recording.

The basis of the music is more of a crustcore sound with thrash, death and grind influences. There are some fast parts but also slow heavy sludge parts. More recently you had some of these bands like All Pigs Must Die that I was getting really into that had this sound. Really it goes quite far back though to the 80s with bands like Napalm Death, Repulsion and Autopsy from the grind/death arena plus hardcore punk and thrash. Really a lot of underground metal and punk sounding like this - nothing that could ever get that popular but still with a cult following and a big underground scene. I think now it gets more popular because people get sick of this over-produced polished metalcore shyzer.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-12-2013

Keywords : death metal grindcore crustcore thrash holy terror d-beat

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