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Cryptic Slaughter - Life In Grave + Rehearsals / Live 1985-1987

F.O.A.D, 2013, Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl

This is absolute classic thrash/speed metal from the mid 80s.

You can't get more representative of where it was at from then.

This is not even some re-release of some album, it's the demo, plus some rehearsals plus some live action re-released on just vinyl.

It's such a raw, fast and brutal thing. Like particularly it's faster than Metallica or maybe even Slayer. It's just carnage. Where punk met metal.

The 5 tracks of the demo from '85 are raw enough but when we are onto the rehearsals from that year and then next it's total lo-fi mayhem. Drums sounding like biscuit tins, guitar like some buzzsaw gone wrong, vocals barely audible background screams.

As if that isn't enough you've got "Live At A Party, Bel-Air (California 21/6/1986)".

Live At "Crescent Ballroom" (Tacoma-WA- 3/7/1987) aswell.

You can't fuck with that with your over-produced metalcore. You weren't even born then.

There is also a big A4 booklet of pages of flyers, photos and interviews etc.

One of the most classic underground thrash re-issue things you could get.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2013

Keywords : thrash metal speed metal

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