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Samiam - You Are Freaking Me Out

Burning Heart, 1997, CD, Vinyl

Maybe Samiam never got the recognition they deserved. So many shitty pop punk, alternative punk bands out there that got a lot of success based on much weaker material. They did manage to get signed to Atlantic at one point and released the record before this "Clumsy", but something must have gone wrong with the sales as this release is on Swedish label Burning Heart.
I remember seeing them once in Berlin around 2003 and went along thinking it would be like in the UK when a band like this comes along and nobody really gives a shit, just a few folks watching, but no, it was mental. Everyone went nuts in this sweatbox of a venue and a lot of folks knew all the words... really it was buzzing and euphoric in there as the classics were reeled off from their various records.
So what about this record itself? Well this is my favourite of theirs. It has so many good songs and a consistent feel throughout. The production is better than their earlier releases on New Red Archives which helps make the songs sound fuller and richer. They seem to be able to write simple melancholic rock songs with great melodies and choruses that tell stories of the lives of regular folks. Nobody is singing about the devil here. Great songs like "She Found You", "Factory" and "Ordinary Life" fit well together and give a cohesive feel to the whole thing. I don't know if this is punk rock or what, but it's just a good record.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-11-2011

Keywords : rock punk

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