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Putrid Fever - Do You Remember

Spittle, Flowers Of Grain, Gonna Puke Retrņ, 1994, CD, Vinyl

This is an old classic Italian punk band.

This is a re-release on vinyl I have from 2010 from Italian punk/hardcore label Gonna Puke Retro, based in Rome.

The first side of the vinyl was originally released as "Putrid Fever" tape in 1984.

On the B-side there are tracks from Spittle's 1984 "Goot From The Boot" Compilation LP, 1984 "Ribelli Uniti Records" compilation tape and "Putrid Fever" 7" on Belfagor Records in 1985.

I don't really know this band but I wanted to check out some old Italian punk and hardcore and this has quite a classic punk sound.

It's not the most basic punk you can hear from that era as there are 2 guitars and some other riffs and lead parts rather than just regular power chords but it's not like they crack out the solo from Hotel California ever. There is a dub/reggae track on the B-side even. The vocals have a classic punk sneer but also they vary on the B-side material.

Really it's what you expect from that period with the overall raw, DIY sound and to me this is as good as anything from the underground in that period.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2013

Keywords : old school punk

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