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Will Haven - Voir Dire

Holy Roar, 2012, CD, Vinyl

This is a band. When I first saw them it was with The Deftones back in '97. There were some older kids we half knew who had just come to see them and not The Deftones who were headlining. To us in our big pants and our nu-metal haircuts this was very weird. These kids were weird we thought. How can you leave and not see the Deftones?! How good can any band be that supports Chino and crew?! Well they were. It was all heaven and earth coming crashing before Chino even got near the stage that night.
It was a real sound. A real force to be reckoned with. You might even say that bands like this along with Botch, Converge and Dillinger etc. helped see the demise of nu-metal simple because they were so heavy and mind-blowing in comparison.
So this is now 2012 and their 5th studio album and first with Grady Avenell back on vocals for quite a while. I think there is a guy from Slipknot in there aswell now.
Honestly it absolutely slays. I don't know why it's not just as popular now than it was in its major label days.
They still have such a good sound compared to the vast majority of these heavy sludge bands. It's just pitched right. On the edge of the neon-blue apocalypse, the post-industrial society with all its tensions and malaises, a million miles and just as many years from the promised land.
Such an atmosphere they create around the heaviness. Just enough ambient noise and samples and whatever else to give it that epic feel.
Of course the majority of it is the heavy churning dirge they mastered long ago on the first couple of releases. So simple in its technicality, yet so apt and measured to create this soundscape that I have tried to describe here that is beyond just regular metalcore, sludge metal or whatever.
Really one of my favourite records of 2012.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2013

Keywords : sludge metal holy terror metalcore avant-garde

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