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Converge - Jane Doe

Equal Vision, Deathwish, 2001, CD, Vinyl

This was quite a landmark release for the band and for the metalcore style itself. It had now arrived in its own right, propelled from the underground to more mainstream audiences. All sorts of fuckers were getting into this. It was no longer some twisted
underground berzerker. It was more acceptable now to have something like this. The magazines picked it up. Before they didn't give a shit as it was too weird and obscure and out there. Ok it wasn't the next Korn or Sepultura or whatever but it got attention from a lot of places.
Heavy music had come a long way by then of course. It was becoming acceptable to hear these screamed vocals to the point where we are at now in 2013 where bands on the radio and in the mall are screaming alongside heavy guitars.
It all started from these underground hardcore bands though of true artists and misfits and social unrest motherfuckers.
So really this is quite a heavy and disturbing record infact. It's not like Slayer even where there are songs and choruses and ok, it's dark and evil sounding, but at least you can tell it's some rock music of some sort with a guy singing about Satan. I mean this is just another level.
You wouldn't even know at any point whatsoever what is being sung about. That is the true landmark here whereby we have such a record where the vocals are taken to that level and it still makes a big mark on the surface of heavy metal. Before that kind of thing was just coming from extreme death or black metal bands that even regular metallers frowned upon.
This is not even that. The vocals are just so idiosyncratic. It's not even like some other metalcore - they are so twisted and just low in the mix.
What then takes over is the jarring, dischordant barrage of guitars and drumming that takes the songs all over the place. It's another David Lynch type plot to each song or Jeremy Irons at his finest, most schizophrenic. It's every nutcase's boulevard and morning cup of coffee going on there.
It's actually quite disturbing, twisted and evil sounding if you want a more prosaic description. It's not for the faint hearted.
There is such a richness to the sound and grander, more epic feel than many other bands can ever hope for though. It all culminates in the staggering finale of the title track which is an absolute genre classic on it's own and is to the fuckups in the pit and the miscreants wondering what the hell they are doing alive what Bohemian Rhapsody is to the masses.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2013

Keywords : metalcore avant-garde 90s chaotic hardcore

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