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Black Cross - Art Offensive

Equal Vision, 2003, CD, Vinyl

This is quite a cool record from 2003. You can tell with some records where they are on the scale just from the artwork on the sleeve.
With this, it's clear it's closer to any authentic underground artistic expression than it is to any of this fake mall hardcore.

So it's what you might term "post-hardcore" which means it has the basic underground punk/hardcore feel but with
more angular momentum and artistic variation than just the standard blueprint of fast and angry bar chords based punk. This is what emerged in the late 80s on labels like Dischord, Touch & Go and Caroline in
addition to smaller labels. I always think of Quicksand, Drive Like Jehu and of course Fugazi with this style as the most notable contributors.

I think this is a real good contribution in that field where they totally nail it for most of the record. The balance between raw energy and more refined production is there and in the music the melody is balanced with dischordance and riotous rebellion.
At times they are firmly in early emo or alt-rock territory but then other times it's more just noisy art punk.

Fans of most alt-rock, early authentic emo, arty punk, or even more regular hardcore and punk could all get on with this.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2013

Keywords : post-hardcore

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