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Strongarm - Advent Of A Miracle

Solid State, 1997, CD, Vinyl

This is a great melodic metalcore record up there with Shai Hulud's "Hearts Once Nourished..." and Poison The Well's "Opposite Of December". Hailing from Florida, they sound like many of their peers in that scene from that time. Their sound is more intense and pleasing in many ways as the songs are well written and the record has decent production. There are the chugging parts, the mosh parts, fast surging parts, creepy melodic leads, spoken parts where sermons are delivered... all that shit that makes it sound so much better than some dull, turgid nu-metal which was doing the rounds when this was released. The guitar has loads of sustain and heaviness and the singer sounds like 1000 good souls dying in wrongness are avenged in every word. If this guy was around for the pivotal moments in human history, things would have turned out differently.
So what is really great is the screaming that is a lot lot better than most bands in this style. Sometimes these metalcore bands sound lame or too macho or just not impassioned enough or beastlike and silly... really there are so many possilbities that mean a band doing this kind of thing could mess up the vocals and ruin the whole job, but here they really nailed it. Maybe it helped being Christian and so they are not just going through the whole business of creating a band to sound like some other bands because they think those bands ruled - rather they are creating music to express inner feelings and states.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-11-2011

Keywords : metalcore metal holy terror solid state christian hardcore

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