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Integrity - Seasons In The Size Of Days

Victory, 1997, CD, Vinyl

There was a time when I thought Integrity was just too brutal and dark. There are so many people in bands now screaming but the vocals here are on a different level. It sounds like someone wading through a quaqmire of dead bodies and beasts on some journey through hell. For that reason alone I recommend getting any of their records. Really it is the dark end of hardcore and metalcore. Most of the stuff that passes under the label of those genres is tame compared to this band.

So it's a different style of hardcore to many other bands. Maybe there was something going on in Cleveland and so they kept a unique kind of style. It's very metallic with crushing riffs, and with some guitar solos which sound like Slayer or some other metal band... but then also there are beatdowns, but no gang vocals or any of that. Also there are no hooks or melodies or catchy sing-a-a-longs, it's just not that kind of thing. Overall it flows very well with straight-forward tracks and no experimentation or noise excursions or dark ambient stuff that is on their later records. The second to last is totally different though. It has some piano chords going all the way through it and some guitar licks with clean guitar and some whispered vocals. This shows a different side to the band and does infact fit very well, finishing things off in some moving, epic fashion.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-11-2011

Keywords : holy terror dwid hellion metalcore metal cleveland hardcore

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