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Skitsystem - Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen

Havoc, No Tolerance, 2001, CD, Vinyl

The second release by this Swedish crustcore band in 2001.


Again just very brutal and uncompromising hardcore punk or "crust".


Just no let up. Ferocious. Torrential.


The difference with the first record is the mix mainly. To me it sounds a bit different like thw drums are more prominent.


This kind of style has started to come back a bit recently in these more prominent scenes and labels like on Deathwish and Southern Lord.


It seems like people who before might have been in metalcore or more regular hardcore bands got sick of the polished fashion bollox that was now passing itself off as hardcore and so they drew inspiration from this kind of thing. This was never cool or popular this style but it truly was the music of social unrest and political protest. 


Absolutely worth hearing if you want to know  what real punk or hardcore is.

Reviewed by indigo on 24-11-2013

Keywords : hardcore punk crustcore

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