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Gehenna - Upon The Gravehill

King Of The Monsters, 2006, CD, Vinyl

This is the 3rd and final album by brutal punk band Gehenna.
On the back it says "The music of Gehenna isn't made to make people feel good. There's something else for that. Our songs are about real fighting".
There you go. Now you know.
That gives you an idea of what is going on here.
The sound is more like these crustcore bands rather than any regular punk or hardcore.
I know there is a live split with Catharsis and there is some similarity there.
They have so much energy and raw sickness. It's the real punk rock compared to a lot of these punk  revival bands that are really pop bands compared to this.

Reviewed by indigo on 24-11-2013

Keywords : hardcore punk crustcore

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