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Fall From Eden - s/t

Nocturnal, 2004, CD

This is a band I didn't know about from 2004. It's a double CD of quite a few recordings. I think the first CD is a full length and the second is a collecton of stuff. I can't find much info on the web about this band or the label.

It's pretty good stuff though. More sophisticated musically than a lot of punk revival bands and although the vocals have this street-punk feel the music has other elements. The bass especially reminds me of Rancid as on a few tracks it's doing a lot more than just standard stuff but it's all put together quite well.

Obviously it's not such a popular band compared to the likes of Rancid, Bouncing Souls, Anti-Flag or Dropkick Murphys but if you were a fan of those you could get into this and enjoy it.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-11-2013

Keywords : punk revival street punk

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