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The Hope Conspiracy - Endnote

Equal Vision Records, 2002, CD, Vinyl

Every Hope Con record has this colossal sound, brutalising the listener at every point. Either that is happening or it sounds like it is building up to that.
Endnote is a bit different from their previous record Cold Blue in that they lean more towards this stripped down punk rock and roll fuck-everything sound that became poplar over the last 10 years, that a lot of bands tried to copy. Really they shouldn't bother because none of them managed to make anything as good as any of the Hope Con records.
There are still some heavy metallic chugging songs and bits but really there is this driving rocking feel through it. Some of the instrumental pieces like the opener and "Fading Signal" really work well to build things up or as intros to the next song. When I say instrumental, there are no clean parts or piano serenades or anything, just more heavy sweeping chords and few or no vocals.
The vocals in particular sound like the singer is screaming to himself in desperation in a locked room on his own. For that reason alone I would recommend this.

Reviewed by indigo on 21-11-2011

Keywords : metalcore hardcore noisecore equal vision kevin baker

This record rated by users : 1.75 ( out of 5 ) from 10 votes.