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Ambitions - Question

Think Fast, 2006, CD, Vinyl

I like it when these old school bands add something a bit extra. Then I can say a bit more about it.

Here they have the fast old school type sound for the most part but with a lot of melody aswell. With the guitar you have 2 guitars with one lead playing some great melodies. The vocalist has a more singing than shouting style. So sometimes it's getting on for something like The Bouncing Souls or Avail rather than the usual Youth Of Today inspired stuff.

It really has such a warm feel to it that some of these US bands have - like the good time spirit that can raise you if you are feeling down, like you know Country Roads and a load of other songs when people just went to diners and bowling and didn't take crystal meth and live in misery.. It reminds me of like the good part of America... the traditional and the true rather than some modern malaise that is going on in a lot of places.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-11-2013

Keywords : old school hardcore punk revival

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