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Throwdown - Vendetta

Trustkill, 2005, CD, Vinyl

I always liked Throwdown because they had a good groove. Quite simple and brutal... just a great groove with heavy beatdowns.

I suppose originally on the first few records and releases you are talking about straight forward metallic hardcore.

Now it's more developed though with a lot of metal influences and often sounding like 90s power metal bands or even the band Down.

I really like listening this though because it is flowing so well and has some really great bits and parts where they surprise you a little.

I wanted a vinyl copy and I don't think Roadrunner released one but then I saw that Trustkill did a double LP on coloured vinyl with this and their other record "Haymaker". Great stuff!

No wonder they got a deal on Roadrunner.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-11-2013

Keywords : metalcore groove metal southern metal

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