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Shadows Fall - The War Within

Century Media, 2004, CD, Vinyl

This is one of the best metalcore records in that new wave after about 2003 when you had a lot of these US bands like Darkest Hour and As I Lay Dying come about playing this Euro metal influenced style.

It's more thrash influenced here rather than any hardcore or underground carnage and less dark and morbid, more uplifting and spirited. It started to be more polished and mainstream this style by then, probably a continuation of regular metal from the 90s more than any underground movement.

They have loads of great riffs that you would expect and melody and solos. The vocals are pretty good aswell and not too contrived sounding or anything.

It rules as much as any of these bands playing this kind of thing.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-11-2013

Keywords : metalcore thrash metal

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