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CurlUpAndDie - Unfortunately Were Not Robots

Revelation, 2002, CD, Vinyl

So towards the end of the 90s there were these bands like Converge, Botch and Dillinger pushing the boundaries. You could also include CurlUpAndDie along with a host of others that seemed to come along.

We're not really talking the metalcore that became popular in the 2000s with bands like Darkest Hour or As I Lay Dying as they were more influenced by death metal.

Here it is more chaotic, rampaging and generally berzerk.

A barrage of riffs cascade into drums with no discernible song structures or melodies. It's a big moshfest for the most part.

There is this term "math-metal" or "math-core" that came along aswell because some of these bands including on this record had quite mathematical, jazzy, runs of notes or riffs. These make it sound more chaotic and sinister or at the least, a bit spooky.

They also do an instrumental track here which they do on one of their EPs to good effect.

Probably you want to get this or own it already if you were into that sub-genre of hardcore/metal. I think it offers a lot more than some of these newer metalcore records that are often quite predictable and dull which you cannot say about this.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-11-2013

Keywords : chaotic 90s hardcore mathcore avant-garde

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