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Boy Sets Fire - The Misery Index : Notes From The Plague Years

Equal Vision, 2006, CD, Vinyl

This was a band that I started to listen to after I stopped listening to nu-metal. It was a mix of different styles but based on punk/alt-rock. I don't like the term "emo" because it is mis-used and it doesn't really apply here although some people would use it to describe them. It has emotional sounding vocals and melodies of course but then so does a lot of stuff.

The last record I heard of theirs was on Victory in 2000 and it was a bit cliched for me. It was like some anthemic rebel-rock and it wasn't that similar to what had come before. It was like they said "ok, let's see if we can change to make a more mainstream style that will give the lyrics a bigger platform". Maybe a bit like Rage Against The Machine in that respect.

So this is from 2006 and here it's more like from before that when they were on Initial.

It's quite good actually. It has spirit and a good warm feel to it. Reminds me of other bands like Farside, Avail or Samiam but also even mainstream stuff.

Anyone into rock or just anything could like it.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-11-2013

Keywords : alternative rock punk rock

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